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An integrated web application to manage a specific training center, it is fully customized and dynamic regarding tiny details to achieve advanced operations through the application's dashboard that is built to perfectly meet the client's needs.

This project is perfect with its practical and useful features that facilitated the work between the client, trainer, and the training center making it attractive and more clear for the client to register and book the best training times and places that best suit him.


Training courses:

  • Training courses are classified into categories such as classic, online, dedicated, special training, classic and online combined version. These categories can be managed entirely through deleting, modifying, creating new, or reviewing existing courses, and also providing the ability to apply and search using many filters.
  • Creating a dynamic course web page and maintaining the ability to customize all its sections with many other features.
  • Applying and linking the constructors to the training courses and managing them completely.


Categories of training courses:

  • Creating and managing training course categories completely by deleting, modifying, creating new ones, reviewing the existing categories, and providing the ability to apply and search using many filters.
  • Generating a dynamic web page for the course categories and the ability to customize all its sections, and many other features.


Cities and locations:

  • Creating cities and sites pages where training courses are presented and managing them completely through deleting, modifying, creating new ones, reviewing existing cities and locations, and providing the ability to apply and search using many filters, and the feature of adding related pictures.
  • Generating a dynamic cities web page for these courses and providing the ability to customize all its sections with many other features.



  • The pricing page is advanced and highly customized, as each course is priced according to its type and location.
  • The ability to apply discounts to very specific and customized types depending on several factors.
  • The possibility of generating a discount code and allocating its use to special users, times, or specific groups only.




  • Scheduling is the most valuable thing to this web application, selecting all desired appointments at once, just one click to create them all!
  • Fully managing these appointments by adding, deleting, modifying, reviewing, and filtering
  • Customizing higher prices on specific dates



  • The ability to customize content for all modules in the application.
  • Dynamically and clearly customizing the content for the entire application pages.



If you are a digital marketing specialist or familiar with it, you certainly understand the importance of such a section

  • How useful it is to keep your content fresh, well updated, and dynamic.
  • Making the SEO dynamic so that it can be constantly updated to ensure its reliability and certainty.



  • Complete management of certificates which are added from the dashboard to allow verification on the center's website


Integration with Zoho CRM


End-cut customization of the header slider to photo gallery, Logo, and many more


3 months- continuous support

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