Video Interview Platform

Video interview Platform transforms the way companies discover and hire talent. By combining unique pre-screening, assessment tools, and prerecorded video interviews with artificial intelligence (AI).

Our platform reduces the technological mistakes that could be happening infiltration and disqualifying candidates, especially in the matching process between candidates' CVs and Job descriptions.

On-Demand Video hiring

  • Interview your potential candidates anywhere, anytime.
  • Send your interview questions at night and get the video responses in the next morning.
  • Enhance your employer branding by giving an exciting candidate experience.

Unique Pre-screening/ Assessment tool

  • Reduce your time to finding the perfect candidate using our unique screening tool
  • Automatic filtration to get the right to shortlist of candidates easily.
  • Forget about the problems of telephonic screening.
  • Get an overview of your talent pool and the candidate’s evaluation.

Get a detailed report for each candidate

  • Detailed report for each candidate about his answers in the assessment/ pre-screening phase.
  • Reduce the time used to be consumed in arranging interviews with the hiring managers.
  • Collect all hiring managers/stockholders' feedback about the candidate in one place to make the decision.

Employer Branding

  • Using video interview technology at this moment of history is mandatory to attract the best talents easily.
  • Our platform gives employer the option to upload his identity “ Color code, logo..etc” to reflect its branding while the candidate being in the interview process.

Quality of Candidate Experience

  • Starting from sending interview invitation including all interview stages, number of questions and its time gives our candidate good experience at the beginning.
  • Employer can add introduction video” could be about the company or video welcoming message from the HR” before starting the interview gives more professional tuches.
  • Employer also can record/upload closing video to be presented after the candidate finish the interview leaves an amazing experience about the employer.

Quality of Hire

  • Using our pre-screening tool based on the job requirement/ briefing decreases the mistakes could be happening when normal AI tools disqualify candidates based on only JDs and CVs.
  • Only qualified candidates can go to the video interview stage which reflects the high quality of the candidates have been selected by our tool.
  • This methodology is increases the efficiency of the recruitment process to make it more faster and accurate.

Hiring Manager`s Engagement

  • Recruiter can invite hiring managers to get his feedback on certain candidate/ shortlist.
  • Using this tool will reduce the time and efforts used to happen to find the suitable time between the hiring manager and candidate which delays the hiring process.
  • If you have more than hiring manager, they simply can leave their feedback in writing and ranking as well so software can calculate the average ranking of the hiring managers so decision will be much easier and transparent.


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