Yamama ERP

Our distinguished project includes a mobile application for Android and Apple and a web application in addition to integration with other platforms to include all the information and reports that administrators need in one place.

Create and manage users:

  • Create users and assign the appropriate permissions to each of them by assigning roles
  • High security and reliability by means of two-factor authentication by email every time the application is logged in
  • High flexibility and full control of the system administrator in modifying user information and permissions
  • Ensure reliability by not allowing the creation of any account except through the system administrator

Task management and follow-up:

  • Customize task types and customize their status for easier follow-up and tracking
  • A built-in chat into each task to make it easy to communicate about each task and get the right instructions
  • Provide reports on visits and the ability to review and confirm them by supervisors
  • Ability to set monthly goals and monitor their achievement and filter them


Externals management

  • Create a special profile for each Externals that contains its information and pictures attached to it
  • Link Externals sites on Google Maps for easy reaching and tracking of visits
  • Many advanced and constantly updated processes through tasks and visits, and only from the people authorized to do so

Reports from the application and external reports:

  • A useful set of reports extracted from the data entered through the application, such as visits, achievement reports, and others
  • Advanced reports extracted from integration with other systems regarding company sales, market share and many more with rich and useful filters


1 Year

Yamama Cement Corp.

Custemized ERP Systems