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Achieve flawless software performance with Prokoders' top-notch testing services. From performance and security testing to test automation and QA consulting, our professional approach guarantees enhanced product quality, improved productivity, and cost reduction. Experience excellence on time, every time.


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Performance Testing

Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes cutting-edge tools to comprehensively evaluate the performance of your system. We conduct detailed analysis of stability, scalability, and functionality under different load variations. By assessing the maximum operating capacity and scaling capability, we provide valuable insights into how your software performs under expected or stressful conditions.

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Test Automation

Our experienced QA engineers employ advanced strategies for test automation to overcome challenges faced during your product's digital transformation. Through a combination of manual and automated testing, we identify existing and potential errors, increase test coverage, reduce testing costs, and expedite the product release. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and efficient testing process.

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QA Consulting

With our QA consulting services, we offer a meticulous review of your product using cutting-edge tools. Our experts delve deep into the root causes of any issues, conducting thorough audits to identify areas of improvement. Drawing upon their extensive experience, our specialists provide effective strategies to enhance your QA processes, whether it is for an existing system or a brand-new project.

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Security Testing

We prioritize the security of your system by conducting comprehensive security testing. Following the OWASP 10 standards, we employ a well-structured algorithm to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your system. Our aim is to provide a precise and effective analysis, enabling us to modernize your system and fortify it against potential threats and risks.

Testing and Quality Steps

Testing and Quality Process

Our team of talented engineers follows a systematic and friendly approach when it comes to testing and ensuring quality in our products and systems. We believe that thorough testing at every stage of development is essential to deliver top-notch products to our customers.


Understanding Requirements

Our engineers dive deep into the project requirements, ensuring a clear grasp of the intended functionality, performance expectations, and desired outcomes.


Thoughtful Test Planning

We create a detailed test plan that outlines the testing scope, objectives, timelines, resources, and methodologies to be employed. This helps us establish a well-organized approach to the testing process.


Crafting Test Scenarios

Our team designs test scenarios, cases, and data sets that cover a wide range of potential scenarios. This comprehensive approach ensures thorough validation of the software's functionality under various conditions.


Setting up The Test Environment

We create a suitable test environment that closely mimics the production environment. This involves configuring hardware, software, networks, and other dependencies to conduct accurate tests.


Meticulous Test Execution

We execute the designed test cases, leveraging both manual and automated techniques. Our goal is to rigorously evaluate the software for functionality, usability, performance, security, and other crucial aspects.



Tracking and Resolving Issues

Any issues, bugs, or defects discovered during testing are diligently documented and tracked using a defect tracking system. This streamlined approach allows for effective communication, prioritization, and resolution of issues in collaboration with the development team.


Transparent Test Reporting

We generate comprehensive test reports that provide detailed insights into the testing activities, results, identified defects, and recommendations for improvement. These reports serve as valuable resources for decision-making and further enhancements.


Wrapping up The Testing Phase

Once all planned tests are executed and the defined exit criteria are met, we conclude the testing phase. We prepare a final report summarizing the testing efforts, outcomes, and valuable lessons learned during the process.

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